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Here we are at your field.

First let's see what we've got. 

How does the field look like? Which plants do you already have here that are still useful and healthy? What do you want to change?

And most important: In which season of life are you actually?

In some seasons it´s time for digging over. In others for nourishing, watering, connecting or harvesting.

Every season is unique and wonderful and has it´s own charme, challenges and miracles.

It is all repeating in circles.

Let´s find out what you need now individually.


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for a free test on what will serve you best now.

Spirituality - the fertilizer

What is this spiritual stuff all about? Isn't it just a bluff? Why should this be important in the 21st century? And what has this to do with writing?


In this course we go deep into the realms of: 


Getting to know and listening to your personal inner voice




Developing Spiritual Gifts


Your will experience what it means to live  down-to-earth-spirituality. And why writing can be one of the most stunning spiritual experiences ever. 

Online courses on spirituality


How to finally get to know it, find your individual way of listening and also learning to follow EASILY.


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Special:                      LeavingReligion - Recovery Course

There is such a huge difference between spirituality and religion.


Religion is all about wrong and right. It excludes people and parts of the inner self. It demonizes human reactions on hurt or danger or a life that harms us. Religions kills life. It captures the wild free river and brings it into a form. With that the diversity and the rich variety of creative ways of living within us die. Religion does not keep what it promises.

In many cases it leaves people disappointed, hurt and broken. My story (told also in the free E-Book "I stand by me! - The poetry of rebellion) tells about all that. 


After I healed from my personal experience I created the special 



for people who left religion or their religious group or who are in the midst of the leaving process and still struggling.


This is a helping hand to help yourself  -  full of empathy, understanding and accompanying you through this tough time. 

It is about finding your own way - which can be completely different from mine. 


And it is about leaving the hard cold form and braking the dam without letting the water go off your land.

You will recover and still be able to keep your nourishing source of life, your connection to this inner voice, to wonders and miracles and to the spark of the living fire you where desperately seeking. 

There will just be that wonderful difference:


Your faith will be including, embracing people and different perspectives, you will be able to breath again, to be free from concepts of guilt, shame and fear. You can trust in your inner guidance again and be sure about your own wisdom, you can lead yourself.


You will find clarity, peace and integrity again.

You will dive into an ocean of freedom with your whole river. You will become part of the whole big thing, fully connected and still be individually special. 


Let me tell you: You can make it. It is hard but it is possible. You will survive and you don't have to do that alone.


I can help you with that.


Self- Relationship -                                                 about growing fruitful and healthy seeds

This is the heart of EVERYTHING. Maybe you already heard so much about all that self-love-stuff. What if...

... you loved yourself so much that you cried while looking into the mirror or hugging yourself?

... you had to laugh about your own jokes so hard that you cried again?

... you where your wisest consulant and dearest, loveliest cinema and couch partner at the same time? wrote questions down and gave yourself the answer to it within some seconds?


That. Is. Possible.

You will learn all this and more like:

Inner Healing

Core Values

Integrating and valuing different parts of your personality

Learn to be crazy in love with yourself

Changing Believe Systems/ Removing Thinking structures that hold you back

Online Courses on Self - Relationship


Imagine a life without shame.

How would it look like?

Which parts of yourself would you like to express if you knew there was nothing to be ashamed about?


Let´s go on the journey of when shame entered your life and suppressed sparkling parts of your beautiful character in order to be and feel safe.


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The last 10%

This is about opening up your sanctuary to life. 

You know what I am talking about. 

It´s about the ALL IN.


There is a place in your heart you always held back. No matter where you opened up - there was a little little part that you kept away from being touched. 

You may tell yourself that it´s not that important. It´s just a little bit, right? But we both know that this "little bit" ist your boiling center. 

And everything you ever wanted is to fully open up, to see and to be seen, to be fully known and NOT LEFT. To be fully impregnated by life. 


This 10% are the key. 

It´s your Achilles heel. Your most vulnerable point. Your most precious treasure and you cherished it like life itself.

Because it IS LIFE ITSELF.


In this course we carefully, soften and still determined walk the path of the heart. 

We work on the healing of what made you close that realm. We will bring up the tools you used to hold the water off your land because you where so afraid that it would kill your fire. But your garden needs the water. And your fire needs air to burn. With that supposed protection you held the water back from your plants and and the air of being seen and known could not increase your fire which wants to light you the way to your calling.        


We will find a way for you to safely open up again and allow others to see your inner burning core. This is the only way to true connection, flowing water cycles, growing plants, a burning vision, passionate relationships and finally a feeling of being HOME.

The way to "wow"

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Community -                                                      choosing and cultivating nourishing conditions

We think about the questions:


With whom do you surround yourself actually?

With whom do you want to surround yourself and why?

Where do you want to life?

How should your every day life in community look like?

What skills, character parts and gifts do you bring to your loved ones?

Developing Communication skills and empathy

For groups: What holds you together? What is your vision? What is your mission?

Online Courses on connection and community

Connection                free of fear

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Outside conflict          as a mirror

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Where do I belong?

Find your tribe.


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Dreams -                                                                      about blooming gardens and great harvest!


Are you done with quitting? You got desillusioned by every years failing New Year´s resolution?                                                                                                    You want to create something that lasts? 

Do you want to be committed to your dreams again and experience what it feels like to stand up in the morning for a life that counts?

Are you ready to go into the eye of the storm and face the realm of EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE?


Then this is your time.

Your tools are your willingness to be truthful and honest to yourself, a paper and a pen. 

Go follow us on an eye-opening, radical reality changing one month online gathering

where you get trained, encouraged and empowered to saw the right seeds at the right time and finally come back on your Plan- A- track.

This the art of manifestation. 

You will get some great sparkles of the so called magic of life - realizing that it´s just simple logic and it lies in our hands to create it.                                    

We get real on:


What do you really really want 

and how are you gonna get it?

What is your mission?

What is your vision?

What is holding you back?

How to get over it and dedicate your last 10% to what you where made for.


No matter where you start - it is possible.


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