Dear loved one,

I´m glad you found your way to come here.

I´m grateful you give me your precious time to offer you some words at this crossway of your journey into what your life is really made for. 

It is something so precious to be given the chance to meet somebody heart by heart.


Maybe you've come here with nothing more that the will for another try. 

Maybe everything is fine but... well, just fine.

Maybe you searched for that divine sparkle on so many places and yet you could not find it.

Maybe you have a dream and don't know how to realize it.

And maybe.. you just need somebody to listen to you and receive some healing.


I am here to help you walk on the path into your own soul.

Everything your searched for till this day is in there. 

This heart, this body, these feelings, these precious questions and also every day of trial and error - 

all this is your instruction help for growing, watering and creating a beautiful garden for your home and a blessing to others. 


Out of my deepest heart I offer something that is so rare in these times: 

Some special one-on-one quality time.


Together we both will find out what this is all about in YOUR LIFE. 

Whatever your struggle with, whatever your goal is, wherever you need help - this individual creative writing training will give you skills, tools, knowledge... and the most important - some empathy time. 


Let´s get in contact for some exchange and to individually find out what you need.