A place without fear

Imagine a place
Without fear.
How would it look like?

Without fear
Everybody would pur their seeds in the middle to share 
Knowing that everything they need is provided at any time.

Without fear
You'd touch the hand you see right there across the table
Trusting in the huge amount and blessing of a directly smooth encounter that can heal instantly.

Without fear
We would open ourselves in the middle of a group of people Holding the space for each other to fully lean in community and feel as safe as in Mamas bellyhome.

Without fear 
We could trust in time 
Knowing about the process of pregnancy, looking forward to fullfillment of our hopes and dreams
As if they were already here.

Without fear
instead of grabbing what we can get
we would instantly come to a state of giving unconditionally.

Without fear
We would trust in the sacredness of our beloveds 
No matter what happens.
We would see and value the child within them 
That carrys the inner wish to love and being loved in return
We would always have faith in the good will of our lovers.
We would invite their full expression of their passion for us 
Take all the hugs and kisses and touches and sweet words they offer
as truth.
And do the same also to them.

Without fear
We are not jealous anymore.

Without fear
We would go the extra mile.

We would not make false compromises about our inner dream of saving the world
Finding the gold in each others hearts 
You always find what you expect. 

We would provide a place for our children to grow up in happiness
We would believe in the possibility of a happy life again.

Without fear
Every concept of exploiting the earth
Would be obsolet.
We would know 
That there is always enough for everyone
We would open our eyes to the world around us 
becoming a well by ourselves for the poor to drink and the hungry to eat 
We would share love 
And it would increase beyond every expectation.

Without fear
We would ask ourselves the question:
What is shame again?

May all our fears 
be washed away in the ocean of our love.