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Welcome, dear believer, dear creator, dear human!                                                                                         This is the page of home of Sarah Jael Kersting, creative-writing-lifecoach, stage poet, entrepreneur, mom, love explorer and transformation expert with huge passion for paper, people and poetry. Discover the mystifying, fruitfully, intelligent and innovative way of creating. Connect artificial creativity with manifesting the life you really really want.                                    Write it down. Make it happen.

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I am the love of my life.

I am the love of my life.

My Self, a treasure.

You, my body, my home.

I cherish you and you carry me wherever we go.

An infinite universe you are, my soul,

you lead me and I explore you, marvelling by day reveling by night 

in your endless depths.

A gate you are, my voice, my instrument in service of love and justice.

I´m full of gratitude, because I can speak.

My heart, fountain of rivers of love and also the sea to welcome others rivers

I tend you more than anything else.

I am the love of my life. 


When I take a look into the mirror 

I see someone that I can love.


Loyalty to myself means loyalty to you

because I chose you. You human being, you world, you future dream.

And because I stand by me I stand also by you.

I am the love of my life

and so are you. 

No false compromises.            Being All in.                                Giving your last 10%.                  How would that look like?

                                        (c) Henry Sperling